Lady Earth Smoothie

In honor of Earth Day 2022

Yield: 2 - 16 oz smoothies
Prep time: a few minutes

2 cups coconut water

2 medium size ripe bananas

2 cups organic spinach leaves (tightly packed)

1 handful cashews or nut of your choice

1 Tbsp. chia seeds

1 Tbsp. ground flax

1 Tbsp. honey

¼ cup mint leaves

2 cups + of ice cubes


Place all ingredients in your blender. Always start on the lowest setting and increase the speed as the ingredients combine. Blend until smooth. Adjust thickness by adding more coconut water, and make sure it is coconut water and not coconut milk - they are different! Adjust sweetness or mintiness by adding more honey or mint. Adjust to a colder temperature by adding more ice.

Chocolate Mint sprigs was the inspiration to this fresh flavored smoothie. The pot of mint survived the winter as brown stems turned to bright green buds and tiny leaves that smelled of spring!

Our in-house smoothie testers all gave it a thumbs up while asking for another pour.

If you want your Lady Earth Smoothie to 'give back', consider pouring it into the clean, sleek and simple Cupanion bottle by Fill it Forward. Snap the bottle tag with your smart phone camera and let the magic happen and give back.

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