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Business Boosters is a woman owned, second generation family business established in 1983.

A New Approach to Promotional Products
Nicole's Twin daughters modeling embroidery
Founder of Business Boosters, Brenda Clarke (left) with daughter Nicole.
SBA Administrator, Linda McMahon & Nicole Mauriello
About our business
Woman-owned, family owned, since 1983!
Nicole Mauriello is the owner of Business Boosters, a Promotional Branding company.

Nicole Mauriello, owner, Business Boosters

About Business Boosters

Hello and welcome to Business Boosters. We are a full-service promotional branding company that was started by my mom in 1983. I'm following in her footsteps and adding some of my own personal expertise to the business. Business Boosters started as wholesale screen printing, embroidery and promotional products' company. Bringing my skills as a designer and many years in the hospitality industry, I am creating a new approach to promo. One that is more creative, less boring, and has much better reach. I call it, Promotional Branding.

Promotional Branding vs Promotional Products

What is Promotional Branding? This is a term I created so not everyone may be familiar with it yet. You may know the terms 'Promotional Products', 'Promo', 'Swag', 'Merch' or 'Booth Bling' (another term I developed). I coined the term Promotional Branding to describe promotional products created with a much higher level of craft, strategy and creativity. Promotional Branding combines DESIGN & BRANDING and applies them to PROMO to create powerful communications that help boost your business.

Promotional Branding provides new insights for your business. Typically, you would have to go to a graphic design, marketing, and branding agency to get these same insights. The insights we uncover for your business will help to Improve the visibility of your brand. It will help your brand work harder for you. We apply our experience as graphic designers, package designers, branding experts, to all the things we touch. Like quality apparel, promotional items, and custom packaging. We think big, from beginning to end, about your business. Before we start, we want to know about your goals and challenges. When done right, we end up with something far greater than just a printed shirt. Rather, we begin with a story that can communicate your brand, your services and goals to a broad audience of potential customers.

How We Work

We realize the needs of our customers change from time to time. Said differently, our clients don't regularly need to recreate the wheel. So Business Boosters involves ourselves with your project as much as needed. You tell us. We can create a full campaign from the ground up. Or we can follow the production of an item and make sure it reaches its destination on time. Easy peasy.

Here are the ways you can work with Business Boosters:

  • Work With Us, One-on-One (Promotional Products & Apparel)
  • Work Solo, Search Self-Service Promo (Promotional Products & Apparel)
  • Develop Custom Products to Your Specifications (Various Products)
  • Graphic Design (Various Print Communications, Signage)
  • Branding (Guidelines & New Brand Communications Development)
  • Logo Development

You can visit our services in depth here

Our Services

Businesses Boosters is a full-service Promotional Branding agency. We can provide end-to-end support of all of your creative and promotional needs and more. Our services include:

  • Embroidery
  • Screen Printing
  • Apparel Printing
  • Promotional Products
  • Custom Packaging
  • Company Store Development
  • Custom Product Development
  • Graphic Design and Branding
  • Logo Development
  • Logo Evaluation

Industries Served

From corporations to startups and non-profits. We work with businesses in a range of industries. We understand that each business we work with is different. So we are not going bring a one size fits all approach. Each relationship receives our personal touch. You will never have to worry about getting lost in the crowd.

To date we have worked in the following industries

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Aerospace
  • Transportation
  • Education
  • Non-Profit
  • Dental / Medical
  • Salon / Spa

The History of Business Boosters

Founded in Trinidad & Tobago by Mrs. Brenda Clarke, Business Boosters has been providing screen printing, embroidered apparel and promotion products in Trinidad and surround island nations. Brenda is an avid golfer, Rotarian, and is active in local business organizations on the island of Trinidad Tobago. Mrs. Clarke's Daughter Nicole (that's me!), named the company "Business Boosters" when the business was forming in the early 1980s. Nicole had an interest in art and design from her earliest years. She worked in the family's promotional products business when she was young and during summer breaks from school. Nicole attended college at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, graduating with a BFA in Graphic Design. She also holds a culinary degree from The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College in Philadelphia.

She then worked for prominent design firms in Philadelphia and New York. During her employment she designed a wide range of design projects from brochures, catalogs, to logo designs and posters.

Nicole now resides in New Jersey USA and operates Business Boosters. The company, named after her family's business, also still operates in Trinidad & Tobago.

Expertise & Leadership

Nicole has many years of expertise in graphic design, brand design, and logo design for well-known companies. Nicole also has experience in management within the hospitality industry. Today, Nicole and her staff leverage these skills to help small businesses, corporations and non-profits. Their work helps to accelerate the growth of their clients businesses through design, marketing, corporate apparel and branded promotions.

Locations Served

United States

Business Boosters serves businesses across the United States from its offices in the New York Metro region of the United States.

Caribbean / Caricom Countries

Our sister company, Business Boosters Limited, services islands throughout the Caribbean and the Caricom Nations.

Awards & Acknowledgments

Business Boosters is the recipient of New Jersey's Small Business Development Center Award.

Business Boosters is certified as a Woman Business Enterprise (WBE) in the state of New Jersey.

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The People Behind Business boosters
Meet our team
Chief Bottle Washer

With degrees in both Graphic Design and Culinary Arts, Nicole seeks to satisfy the diverse needs of her clients with an attention to style and design that stands a cut above the rest. Nicole brings real world experience from the corporate branding world, helping to elevate her clients visibility through promotions..

Visual Designer extraordinaire

A prolific designer and photographer of Long Island beaches, Jennifer brings our client's ideas to life using shape, color and years of experience crafting visual communications for the corporate world.

Product Research & Tea leaf reading

Kiki is the ultimate product researcher and traffic coordinator, Kiki has a sixth-sense of just what products fit with our customers needs and how it can be customized. And, if you were needing something yesterday, odds are Kiki shipped it out last week to arrive - yesterday.


When not on the look out for squirrel's or napping, Romeo's primary role is to alert staff when product deliveries arrive. His ability to warm up the sofa before staff meetings on cold winter days, is also a skill we treasure.

Blog Writer

An ex 9-to-5 guy who found his passion in sunset big waves colorful tees. When he's not surfing he's designing your next t-shirt.

"I would recommend Business Boosters to any business looking to upgrade its marketing products, while getting reliable service with a personal touch."
timeline of My Journey

Business Boosters Founded


Island girl goes to art school


I'm a graphic arts design professional!


Headed to culinary school


Starting a family of my own


Business Boosters US launched

Business Boosters is woman-owned and family-owned.

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