Ignite Employee Advocacy: 5 Powerful Strategies

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Your employees are your strongest brand ambassadors, but how do you tap into their power?

Here are 5 strategies we have found to help boost employee engagement through internal employee advocacy:

Executive Thought Leadership

Management buy-in, or better yet, their leadership and support around your organization's mission and culture, are key. If the top isn't well-supported, good luck pulling the rest of the ship along. One path we've found effective is to showcase your leadership team's expertise and support around mission and culture. Develop a project which encourages executives to periodically write articles or participate in industry discussions around these core topics. Employees will be proud to share these thought leadership pieces, boosting awareness and a shared sense of values and mission.

Employee Spotlight

No doubt your organization knows that your employees are the most valuable asset that fuels your success. Highlight your employees' expertise and achievements. Create an "Employee Spotlight" program to celebrate diverse stories and achievements across your company channels. Recognizing individuals fosters a sense of community and inspires others. In this age of remote work, it can also help employees get a real sense of your organization's fabric.

Believe in the Mission

Empower your employees to become true advocates by ensuring alignment with your company's mission and vision. When employees deeply believe in what they do, their authenticity and enthusiasm shine through. We've supported organizations by periodically refreshing these reminders with personalized desk wedges featuring an employee's name and your organization's mission. This can be accompanied by a link to a video from the CEO and a message about the company's mission.

Treat Your Teams Well

It goes without saying, and we shouldn't have to resort to constant reminders, that happy employees are your best advocates. Work, deadlines, and periodic stresses can quickly cloud the path to supporting your employees, so it's important to prioritize employee well-being, ethical leadership practices, and a positive work environment. Thriving teams naturally become vocal supporters of your company.

Sweeten the Deal

Reward your teams! While there are a lot of whiz-bang tech incentive platforms, we like old-school rewards programs that can feature a wide variety of great products and branded merch. A little bit of simple, straightforward appreciation can go a long way in boosting engagement.

By implementing these strategies, you can transform your employees from satisfied workers to passionate brand champions.

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