Logo sugar cookies, a sweet and memorable promotion

Try these sweet brand ambassadors

We have designed and shipped hundreds of these corporate logo sugar cookies to our clients, and they just love them. They are like sweet little brand ambassadors. Our customers typically return to purchase these tasty treats again and again.

Here are the top nine reasons why we like the corporate logo sugar cookies as a quick and memorable promotion. And why we think you will too:

2. Quick to Produce & Deliver

Even though they are made to order, corporate logo sugar cookies are typically quick to produce. We have been able to design, produce and ship hundreds of these cookies in only five business days! That is pretty fast for a custom, made to order item.

2. Freshly Made For Every Order!

Each cookie is made to order so it will be fresh and not from stockpiled inventory.

3. 100% Natural

Branded logo sugar cookies are made from 100% natural ingredients. Each one is hand-cut and hand-frosted in the bakery with every order.

4. Great Shelf Life

Each cookie some sealed in its own wrapper, keeping the cookie fresh and ready to eat for months.

5. Freeze Them!

Yes, you can freeze these cookies for months to have on hand for a future event. This is great if you are planning to include these in a promotion over a longer period of time. You will always have your logo cookies on hand and fresh.

6. Pass Out More Business Cards!

I call this cheating but I have used these cookies to pass out with promotional flyers and business cards, and they fly out of your hands. No one ever turns down a sweet treat.

7. Great, low cost 'Thank You' sentiment

I've found the corporate logo cookies to be a great, low cost 'thank you' sentiment when you are trying to reach a large group. Send to customers at the start of a new relationship or after completing a successful project. Or, just drop a handful in the mail to say thanks.

8. Gift Box Option

You can also order small quantities (1 dozen to 3 dozen) of corporate logo sugar cookies arranged in a colorful gift box. These are very celebratory in nature, and we have sent these to clients who wish to celebrate a new business relationship or partnership. As part of the gift box, we design custom note cards to include with the cookies.

9. Helping Small Businesses

These cookies are created with love, by a small family business, just like ours! We seek out relationships with small businesses, woman-owned businesses and minority-owned businesses whenver possible. Each of us helps each other grow and provide unique, high-quality products that our customers love.

What happens after you eat them?

You may ask yourself, if customers eat the cookie with my logo on it, isn't it a lost leader in terms of promotion?

The answer is yes and no. It is true. Your logo on the sugar cookie will be gone after it is eaten. We can't change that. Unlike a non-food promo, like a Pen or Tote which has a shelf-life after the customer receives it, a cookies is a one time treat. Our recommendation to counteract the dissapearing cookie phenomenom is to hand out sugar cookies in tandem with another piece of communications about your organization. For example:

  • Hand out with  business cards
  • Include in mailings
  • Send a tray of cookies with a thank you note
  • Enclose in a box when delivering other products or services to customers

Unlike a pen or tote, we find the draw of food promo items are continually irresistible. We have noticed the clients who have ordered food items return to order them again and again. They have also said that customers will seek them out at trade shows year after year to bring a couple of them home. We recommend always using food items, like the branded logo sugar cookie, in tandem with some other communications.

Even so, rest assured that branded logo cookies are guaranteed to sweeten whatever deal you are offering.

Even More Reasons to Love Corporate Logo Sugar Cookies

Shapes & Sizes Logo cookies come in various shapes and sizes. For most brands, we recommend sticking with a square, circle or rectangle. If you provide us with your logo or what elements you want to have printed on the cookie, we can make a recommendation on what shape will work best.

Standard Shapes

Square (from 3 inches to 5 inches) Rectangle (from 2 x 4 inches to 4 x 6 inches) Circle/Round (from 3 inches to 5 inches)

There are also custom and seasonal shapes which include:

  • House
  • Heart
  • Tooth
  • Plane
  • Car
  • Hard Hat
  • Sneaker
  • Four Leaf Clover
  • Flower
  • Bee
  • Lady Bug
  • Pot of Gold / Rainbow

Do's and Don't Before we wrap up this sweet subject, let us leave you with a few sweet Do's and Don'ts

DO: Hand out your branded logo cookie in person with a business card, flyer, coupon or catalog

DO: Mail out your corporate logo sugar cookies as part of a larger promotion, brand it with the promotion name or tagline

DON'T: Do not leave a neatly stacked pile of your corporate logo sugar cookies unattended on your trade show booth or display table. Yes, people will still enjoy the cookie but YOU will miss out on engaging with these potential customers

ALWAYS: If handing out corporate logo cookies, it is important to always do it with a smile