Where did you get that hat?

Do you know a company called Flexfit? It is the parent company of Yupoong. You may not know them either. Well, If you don’t, they make high-quality, classic baseball hats. If you have children and if they play baseball or softball, check the label on their baseball hats as Flexfit makes a one-size-fits-all baseball hat which is popular in youth sizes. Flexfit also produces hats for many of the largest lifestyle brands around the world. So, right now, they might be right atop your head.

Flexfit released a video some time ago about their manufacturing facility in Vietnam and the people that work there. While our preference is to find items manufactured for our customers which are made in the USA – like the handcrafted beer growlers from Portland OR or our delicious logo cookies which are baked in Massachusetts – it is not always possible. Especially with apparel and apparel accessories as many brands are now manufactured overseas and have been for some time.

Simply put, we are all part of the same chain of supply so we can all have a great impact on each other. Good or bad.

We have come to expect little transparency into the lives of those who labor to bring us the products we use in our daily lives. That is why I think this video is worth a look. We have purchased Flexfit baseball hats before, their quality and service is terrific. This video made us take note and added some icing to the cake of our relationship knowing they are looking out for their own.

At minimum, it shows that Flexfit is keeping their workers health and well being in mind, just as we have come to expect with manufacturers here in the USA. We believe this type of transparency can trickle all the way down the supply chain to the individual consumer, whether they are manufacturing baseball hats or iphones. And there, it can become a strong competitive advantage. Many manufacturers and non-manufacturers alike, would do well to follow this example.