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Custom Packaging services

The Power of Custom Packaging and Your Brand.

Business Boosters provides ground-up creative solutions for your custom packaging needs. All sizes, shapes, quantities and price points. Whether it is shipping in a box or just something to be handed out, its worth consider presentation at all times.

Samples of our work include:

  • Retail consumer package design
  • In-store display & promotions
  • Full-color custom design shipping boxes
  • Corporate gift packaging
  • Custom designed labels and inserts
  • Apparel hang tags
  • Custom designed labels and inserts

Things to consider when planning custom packaging

Lead Time

Consider lead time required to plan and develop custom packaging. Planning the size of the package and the design and production of packaging will each require time. Simply applying your logo or tagline to a package can save time but may not be a shortcut worth pursuing. Additional time and love put toward developing a more interesting design can better justify the expense of custom packaging.


Consider if your custom package is sturdy enough to mail on its own. Not all box types are practical or strong enough for shipping. In some cases, an outer box may be required.


Estimating the weight of packaging and the items you plan to ship can be tricky before you have your final product in hand. When a close approximation to your package is envisioned, Business Boosters will create a mock-up. This mock-up will provide an estimate of shipping weight which will in part determine the cost of shipping. Always plan on potential variations to shipping weight until you have the final package and product in hand.

Hazardous or Perishable Items

Consider that popular items such as phone power banks contain Lithium-ion batteries. These are considered hazardous and require special packaging, labeling and documentation. This can add time to your required shipping time. A not so hazardous item that we all love - chocolate. Chocolate, while a terrific promotion, is perishable and typically not able to be shipped during certain months of the year without additional cooling inserts. This adds weight and additional cost to your shipment. When shipping chocolate you should plan to have a cool room or available refrigeration at the receiving end. Plan to have someone available to move your shipment to that location upon arrival. Perishables left on a loading unattended can have negative effects on perishables.

Current trends in custom packaging

Even before physical distancing and 'work from home' became the norm, the power of custom packaging has been a winning trend. With the move to online shopping, business are reaching more customers at home. It has been left to the power of packaging to introduce a brand, tell a story, or simply to say thank you. For this reason, a fresh look at the power of packaging is time well spent. Even before putting your product or services into the hands of potential customers or employees, learn what packaging can add to the experience.

Fewer people gathering within office spaces, at trade shows and other events has meant one thing. There is a critical shortage of points to sell, train or otherwise just bond with your team or customers. This has spurred on a revolution that has already been on the rise, custom branded packaging. You can find great examples in many direct to consumer (DTC) brands and online shopping websites. Without a traditional storefront to browse, it's not lost on these companies that the packaging is more important than ever.

Customizing your package provides a three-dimensional communications' palette from which to communicate. If done right, it can provide a unique experience to present your message and raise the perception of your brand. Microsoft cancelled one of their largest developer conferences, but the show still went on, or more accurately phrased, it went online. Participates still received a branded and well-coordinated box of goodies for developers to touch, feel and wear. It was a big hit by all accounts.

No box, no problem

Sometimes your promotion is not traveling across the country in a box. But that is no reason you should consider presentation. My experience in the culinary field, as the general manager of a fine dining restaurant, kicks into gear whenever I think about presentation. The white linen, the utensils all in place. All in an effort to let the food stand out as the main event. Missing a detail is missing an opportunity.

If your plan involves casually handing out a promotion, it is still worth considering what simple elements can be added to heighten the experience. These little touches can have a big impact.

Let's talk

Business Boosters has many examples of developing coordinated communications kits, custom packaging, custom folders and/or sales material. All clearly branded with every detail thought out to provide a nice experience for the recipient. The goal, to bring the full experience of working with a business with interested customers, closer to reality. If you have a large mailing list, no problem. We have coordinated mailings nationwide and internationally.

We would love to speak to you about your custom packaging needs. Please consider scheduling a call with us to discuss your next packaging project.

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Individually packaged Yeti Rambler mugs with shredded kraft paper and custom printed notecard.
Print mechanical layout of a custom printed shipping box.
Three dimensional concept rendering of a custom printed shipping box.

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