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Soup up your brand communications with custom packaging.

Our new reality which may require both physical distancing and more work from home protocols requires new thinking when putting your product or services into the hands of potential customers or existing employees.

Assembling fewer people less often creates a critical shortage of points to sell, train or otherwise bond with your team or customers with your brand. Our solution is not a new one. In fact, with the rise of direct to consumer (DTC) brands and online shopping, this approach has become more popular than ever.

Custom Packaging provides a three demential communications palette from which to communicate. If done right, it can also provide a unique experience to present your message and raise the perception of your brand. Microsoft cancelled one of their largest developer conferences but the show still went on, or more accurately phrased, it went online. Participates still received a branded and well-coordinated box of goodies for developers to touch, feel and wear. It was a big hit.

For our part, we have many examples of developing a coordinated communications kit which included custom packaging, custom folders and sales material. All cleanly branded with every detail thought out to provide a nice experience for the recipient. The goal, to bring the full experience of working with a business with interested customers, closer to reality. If you have a large mailing list, no problem. We have coordinated mailings all over the country and even all over the world.

We would love to speak to you about your custom packaging needs. Please consider scheduling a service call with us to discuss your next project.

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