Over 20 years working as design professionals, we are well suited to handle all of your visual design needs.
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At our core we are visual designers. Educated and practiced in the field of graphic design, we have the creativity and tools to create images and ideas from a blank canvas. Our process is not cookie cutter, we design communications that are built around your specific communications needs.

Our designer roots also inform our work within the promo space as we have a high level of craft and even the smallest details are important to us. Because of this, we can push the boundaries of what is possible through type, color and position. The end results can be eye-catching and exciting.

Our Approach

Our approach to any design project can be simple and quick or involve more time and research. It all depends on where the starting point is.

Design Refresh vs New Design
Another factor which affects the time required to complete a design project is whether the job requires a 'refresh' or a new design. Often times our clients come to us with a mix of the two which is considered more of a design refresh. For example, a client may have an older piece of communications and have some new copy to add to it and want to modernize the overall design look and feel.

A ground up design is when all copy and photography or illustration need to be conceptualized and developed from scratch.


Depending on the size of the project, our design process typically consists of four steps:

- Discovery
- Concept Development
- Revisions
- Finalization


Every substantial project starts with discovery. We find out what the problem is and what you are trying to solve. We may need to collect information from you or do some research to understand the problem more accurately. After we are in agreement and have clearly defined the problem, we move to the next step.

Sometimes this step can uncover issues which were not originally under consideration. Maybe there are another approach that can save time and money or deliver a bigger upside for your investment.

Concept Development

Whatever the vehicle, we develop visual concepts which will be the first look at how we propose to solve the problem. Typically we present more than one concept so that our clients can compare and contrast the best aspects of each concept to determine a best fit.


We take the best aspect of each concept and revise the design into a more final form. We typically include one to three revisions rounds. On a more complex project we may even include more.


Depending on what we have designed, finalization can include a final proofread, review by stakeholders and sign off. This would also include getting the final design into a form for production which might include printing or other type of production.

We would love to speak to you about your next design project. Please consider scheduling a call with us to discuss your design project.

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Some of the projects we have completed

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6 foot banner design

Super graphics for glass door & walls

Direct mail piece design & copy development

Design for retractable trade show and tabletop banners

Tri-fold brochure

Rack card design

Logotype development

Poster design

Business card design

Stationery development

Brand logo guidelines development

Signage and wayfinding guidelines

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