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Over 20 years working as design professionals, we are well suited to handle all of your visual design needs.
Screenprinting. Beautiful, distinctive, authentic and long lasting.

A popular decoration technique, Business Boosters provides screenprinting  on apparel, bags and other accessories.

Business Boosters excels at helping you create or optimize your creative artwork and selecting optimum size and placement on your garment or accessory.  Another value of working with business Business Boosters for your screenprinting needs is our access to a wide range of top apparel brands, making your screenprinted garment that much more personal.

Things to know about traditional screen printing

Traditional screenprinting is the application of ink through a screen and applied to fabric. A single color is applied with each screen. Traditional screenprinting requires requires set up of each screen for each color printed.

If you are doing a small quality run of garments it may not be cost effective as the setup cost for each screen can add up. Our minimum run is a dozen items. Again, if you are doing multiple colors the costs can add up making the cost of each shirt more expensive.

What is so attractive about traditional screenprinting? The very saturated color and crisp, sharp edges. It's unmistakable and clean. If you are running upwards of a hundred or thousands of items, traditional screenprinting becomes very cost effective.

What is our minimum screenprinting run?

- 1 dozen items

What designs work best with screenprinting

- Artwork that has flat color as opposed to gradients
- Graphic T-shirt designs
- Bold, colorful statements

Is it possible to print many colors and gradients with traditional screen printing?

Yes. It is possible and we have examples of just such designed printed at Business Boosters LTD. in Trinidad & Tobago. At this point, screenprinting moves closer to an art form. Knowledge of creating film with the correct dot patterns and developing the screens can require more time but the end results can be exciting and long lasting.

Technology and Direct To Garment Printing (DTG)

As technology and printing techniques advance, so do options for printing. Another garment printing option which has become popular for its ability to do full color printing and low minimums or even a single print is Direct to Garment. Direct to garment printing works similar to your home inkjet printer, albeit a very expensive one, where ink is applied directly to the garment.

What type of design works best on Direct to Garment printing?

- Elaborate t-shirt designs
- Designs with a many different colors

What type of quantity is best for Direct to Garment printing?

From 1 to 10 T-shirts is a good range for DTG
We have done up to 50 shirts on DTG but there is no limit

What does Direct to Garment T-shirt print look like?

With direct to garment, ink does not penetrate as deeply into the fabric, it is applied on top and soaks in whereas screenprinting presses ink firmly into fabric. The visible results are, if you look closely, edges may be more ragged as they are made up of small droplets, you may see small dots of ink and the image just does not have that rich application of ink.

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